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Boost customer engagement and revenue

Creating attractive, consistently presented catalogues with less errors helps your customers to easily find what they are looking for and purchase more from you.

Save money

Reduce direct labour required to create catalogue pages and to edit products as information changes. Consider a manually produced catalogue costing $26,0001. An automated solution for the same catalogue could cost $15,0002 – a saving of $11,000 (or 42%) in the first year alone.13 weeks x 40 hours x $50 per hour. 2 1 week x 40 hours x $50 per hour + $10,000 Catalog Automation professional services + $3,000 software.

Save time

Shortened production time frames mean catalogues feature products as they are released. Catalogues released ahead of price rise dates ensure new pricing is effective earlier.

Increase accuracy

Information is sourced directly from your spreadsheet, ERP database or XML file.

By using a linked data source you no longer need to manually edit content and re-proof.

Update your data automatically

Product information can be refreshed as new products are introduced.

If a product attribute or price alters you can refresh your data directly on to the page.

Create more versions

Re-use the same templates with different data to easily produce a catalogue for a different market location or segment.

Enhance catalogue navigation

Make it easier for customers to navigate your catalogue by including a product index, category contents pages or other summary data without manual cross-referencing of page numbers.